The Rhine strives to define the segment of Historical Fantasy Roleplay in the fan community of Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition. Characters start out in the military colony of Tricensimae on the banks of the Rhine. A character will have varying opportunities within the colony based upon the choices made during character generation. 

Details about the setting

  • The module is set after the year 307.
  • Constantine is newly the emperor.
  • Inflation is a crisis throughout the empire. By 268 there was only 0.5 percent silver in the denarius. Read more about edicts to try and curb the inflation problem here.
  • Christianity is not yet the state religion, but the state no longer sanctions persecution.

Base game changes at The Rhine

Script support

The Rhine offers extensive scripted support for ways to interact with the game world. Scripts on The Rhine have an emphasis on feedback and information being provided to the player, and allowing for varied and dynamic play in the absence of any DM. 

  • 51 craftable items
  • 22 herbs
  • 28 alchemical reagents
  • 42 magic loot items
  • 17 art loot items
  • Numerous mini-jobs