Feature Type: Script
Use: Seeing Crystal
Effect: A character with astrology proficiency may target themselves or another character with their seeing crystal item to attempt to impart an astrological boon. Characters with astrology proficiency are regarded highly. They are also paid for providing astrological advice to others, receiving 500 denarius every time they level up.

If the astrologer fails to succeed on a DC 13 astrology check, they cannot make another roll for that recipient for 10 minutes.

If the check succeeds, one or more of several small boons is granted for a 10 minute duration.


  • +1 dodge AC bonus
  • +1 attack bonus
  • +10% miss chance
  • +1 magical damage
  • +1/1 damage reduction

On rare occasions, the recipient instead receives a penalty:

  • -1 attack bonus

-Attempting to use a Seeing Crystal without the correct proficiency always fails

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