Feature Type: Item
Use: Target
Effect: The recipient of bandaging becomes immobilized for 2 rounds. The character applying the bandages is also immobilized and rolls Heal skill against a DC of 15.

If the check is successful, the recipient is healed for 6 points of damage.

If the check is unsuccessful, the bandage item is destroyed.

-Bandaging can only be performed on a wounded creature
-A successful application of a bandage cures disease
-A bandage can only be applied outside of combat
-Anatomy proficiency lowers the DC to apply a bandage to 13 and increases the healing by 2, to a total of 8
-Bandaging another person is easier. This lowers the DC by another 2 points
-Bandages cannot be used against a hostile target, incorporeal creature, undead, elemental, ooze, or non-creature

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