Change Log 1.10.21

Web Site:
-Added Mugging page
-Updated attribution page

-Fixed incorrect mugging feedback
-Fixed improvised weapon check
-Small tweak to vengeful strike
-Added bluff synergy to mugging
-Made mugging attempt require at least 5 pick pocket with modifiers
-Fixed various facing checks
-Made wasps only attack when you are within 10 meters of its nest
-Added stunned/blinded to backstab logic
-Revised some loot tables
-Fixed towel item
-Revised customization room
-Updated utility knife description to provide a hint as to its functions
-Added effect to revive dying creature with applied healing spell
-Customized packages 2da for henchmen features
-Hire henchmen, fire henchmen
-Maintenance henchmen equipment
-Train up henchmen
—Part 2—
-Hak Update for Henchmen Control Tool
-Revised packages (removed power attack from early hench levels)
-Updated tlk file with new entries
-Patched Barbarian Size modification
-Removed character voiceset actions on resting
-Tweaked exterior areas to allow resting
-Tweaked spell-hook for downed-henchmen revival via healing
—Part 3—
-Finishing touches to Camilla’s quest
-Revised Runes to work differently
-Added support for 7 Runes
-Added support for 3 Relics
-Modified attack script so henchman street fighter can function properly
-Added street fighter henchman at Collegia (scripts, conversation, base henchman)
-Changed henchmen factions

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