Change Log 1.17.21

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-Checking off various QA tests
-Revised how Gladiatorial battles are generated (packages, templates, scripts)
–Challenger level scales to payment
-hak file: 2da update
-Added “Thief” package
-tlk file: added Thief entry so players can see it
-Made ruffians in docks scale with level (to a point)
-Fixed issue hiring legionary (Military Tribunes & Politicians)
-Revised Quest NPC conversations
-Added Thief henchman
-Modified scripts so thief steals
-Added dialogue option to make thief hand over spoils
-Modified scripts so Velites has back detection
-Added Thief henchman hiring to Eitan
-Adjusted henchman item maintenance scripts
-Adjusted scripts so Retiarius throws net
-Made hostile runes no longer work for self targeting
-Revised how relics cooldown on a botch
-Added feedback to both Runes & Relics
-Added new corpse types for incorporeal creatures
-Revised creature corpse cleanup script
-Added new Outlaw quest (talk to the Magistratus)
-Added test spawn for wild Fey
-Revised world entry (there are options now)
-Added world entry options for certain kits


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