Change Log 1.2.21

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-Moved position of death waypoint
-Added conditions where you can Coup de Grace (opponent sleeping, entangled, disabled/dying)
-Coup de Grace now only usable once per round
-Coup de Grace damage & saves changed
-Coup de Grace can be done with a ranged weapon, but must be close to helpless target
-Removed saintly reciprocal damage
-Solved VFX & dynamic saintly traits
-Some small area edits
-Added feedback to some damage resistance situations
-Made undead immune to subdual
-Modified how certain damage affects undead
-Modified saintly requirements
-Revised some facing checks in various abilities
-Revised backstab & feint
-Refactored on attack script
-Revised vengeful strike
-Revised effect of killing human creatures
-Added damage feature for Devotees of Mars

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