Change Log 1.3.21

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-Added alchemy income on level up
-Lowered max damage for high level feints
-Updated Felicia’s shop to sell a utility knife
-Revised various elements of Vengeful Strike code, thou shall not kill
-Added automatic map reveal
-Lowered DCs of profession tasks
-5 ranks in spot gives + 2 vs. feints
-Alertness feat gives +2 vs. feints
-Blindfight feat to lower penalties for parrying from behind
-Blindfight feat to lower penalties for using a shield from behind
-Blooded feat to give a +2 damage bonus when at less than 10 HP
-Bullheaded feat to lower DC vs. massive damage -2
-Cleave and Great Cleave to give bonuses to critical hits with slashing weapons
-Evasion and Improved evasion to lower critical severity rolls
-Point Blank Shot to give higher critical severity, increase coup de grace difficulty +2
-Backstab is successful if the attacker is invisible
-Thugs can now mug you (Mugging Entry for website coming)

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