Change Log 1.30.21

Web Site:
-Added Mithraic Paladin documentation

-Patch to attack script for warrior scream ability working too often
-Patch to level up scripts for Mithraic Paladin implementation
-Patch to level up scripts for taking wizard as a 2nd class (Celtic or Syrian only)
-Revised Divine Essence items & drop rate
-Revised treasure drop rates
-Made specially imbued items require appropriate religion
-Allowed paladin legionaries & tribunes
-Increased Massive Damage threshold to 25
-Adjusted area temps
-Patched thief henchman payout
-Updated Christian shop
-Cloaks now protect from extreme weather
-Added 1 hour death sentence, cannot respawn until 1 hour passes
-Added visual effects to anvil, orb, codex, cloth
-Added birthday mechanics

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