Change Log 12.13.20

Web site:
-Added Vengeful Glare documentation
-Added Professions documentation (side jobs)

-Granted free manual to PCs starting with Alchemy
-Granted free manual to PCs starting with Herbalism
-Granted free sicarius to PCs starting as Sicarii
-Fixed some experience point costs for Herbalism
-Revised Roman Politician Kit requirements
-Fixed a few issues with colored feedback text
-Added potions to treasure rolls
-Added amulets to treasure rolls
-Added fatigue penalty to remaining side jobs
-Added cooldown timer to remaining side jobs
-Added Augurer NPC (Laurentius) and shop
-Added Faustinus shop & Side Job
-Made Roman Witches cast Bestow Curse at their killer on death
-Increased cost of clothing
-New .hak file for Spells.2da update (more flashy spells removed)
-New .tlk file for updated description of Devotee of Mars
-Added Legionary shop
-Added Collegia shop
-Alpha test character vault wipe
-Added Sidonia shop & Side Job
-Added Herbalism Side Job (Felicia’s Shop)

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