Change Log 12.20.20

Web site:
-Updated Fast Recovery page

-Created 18 additional magic items
-Fixed a bug that caused not all treasure to drop
-Removed some scrolls from loot
-Fixed a bug that caused an enemy not to spawn during a critically failed search roll
-Increased chances of potions dropping
-Patched item giving
-Fixed sewer transition point
-Adjusted NPC conversation
-Made blacksmith sell arrows
-Reduced attack bonus to monsters from Day of Ill Omen
-Removed AC bonus to monsters from Day of Ill Omen
-Added new dungeon
-Revised deep caves
-Revised hidden crypt
-Fixed waypoint in Hypogeum
-Changed Fast Recovery DC from 15 to 10
-Added 2 new monsters
-Adjusted trigger respawn times
-Created new dungeon placeable

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