Change Log 12.23.20

Web Site:
-Updated About page
-Updated some child pages in the Player Guide page

-Fixed a bug where weapons were not degrading properly from misuse
-Added a passive mode for characters with Improved Parry
-Addressed a bug where some monsters were doing subdual damage
-Fixed a few ethnic skill bonuses
-Added debris piles to new areas
-Added more free items at character generation related to professions
-Lorica Segmentata to Military Tribunes at generation
-Increased starting GP modifiers
-Added quarterstaff, hardwood items to carpentry shop
-Modified drake stats
-Added seeing crystal for astrology
-Added to item giving for astrologers
-Created astrology script
-Fixed javelin cost in OOC store
-Added drake loot
-Added steam vent traps
-Created new shop: Eitan
-Fixed sewer transition
-Added mining area
-Adjusted backstab script

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