Change Log 12.27.20

Web Site:
-Updated Amulets page
-Updated Astrology page

-Added Helmet mechanics
-Added fatigue penalty for Improved Parry, Shield Block
-Changed threshold for massive damage, fixed a bug with calculating the threshold
-Increased duration of Sicarii Poison
-Made bashing up a wasp nest no longer degrade the weapon used (bashing things other than creatures still causes weapon degradation)
-Made bandages heal more HP
-Made bandages only destroy on a roll of 1
-Made NPC Armorsmith repair weapons and shields
-Added options for repair to anvil
-Placed herb nodes in the Docks
-Made item degradation update item description
-Made repairing items update degraded description
-Fixed Ethnic Skill bonuses by applying hard skill ranks at level 1
-Made gathering tasks require correct tool in right hand slot
-Added boar pelt item
-Updated pelt collection script

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