Change Log 12.30.20

Web Site:
-Added pages for Revenants and Saintly PCs

-Revised Vengeful Glare functionality
-Revised script degrading Shields
-Revised Parry; using a Tower Shield deactivates
-Revised Parry; a dying PC can no longer parry
-Revised Parry; 10% chance to degrade weapon on successful parry
-Revised Armor DR script
-Removed shield bashing
-Adjusted Stygian Waters / Requirements
-Added Holy Waters / Requirements
-Revised death scripts
-Added Boar Pelts, revised trophy script
-Revised collection script
-Removed Sanctuary effect on respawn
-Added Envy of the Living: If a Dead PC kills a Living PC, the killer is now alive
-Return from Underworld only possible for Living PCs
-Added additional Underworld battles
-Fixed Fox Skin Drop
-Added Ghostly appearance to dead PCs
-Added new creature corpses & item drops
-Saintly PC support
-Added Death Cult store
-Fixed faction of Hounds of Dis
-Revised Steam Geyser effect
-Revised Roman Legionary kit
-Added Grudge Message
-Added Vengeful Strike for Revenants

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