Change Log 2.14.21

Web Site:
-Updated henchmen page
-Updated improved parry page

-Revised remains placeable for fey creatures
-Revised thief henchman payout conversation
-Added overhead text for backstab, feint, shield blocking, parrying, et cetera
-Added package auto-leveling to more creatures
-Revised how treasure drops (human bosses only)
-Revised how divine essences drop (wicked bosses only)
-Added monster critical hit extra damage (save vs. DC 10+creature hit dice)
-Added legendary animals
-Quest encounters now scale to 5th level
-Temple basement statues are now trapped
-Patched improved parry reciprocal damage
-Gladiator henchman now receives combat mastery
-Legionary now receives devotee of Mars
-Revised ruffian faction setting
-Pelts are now ruined on a roll of ten below the collection DC
-Successfully gathering a pelt now awards a small amount of XP
-Gathering a resource from a legendary creature awards more XP
—Part 2—
-Make The Sybil seated & remain seated
-Revised Holy Cloth properties (for Christians)
-Added Gladiatorial salary (gladiators speak to Certus Durio in Ludus cells)
-Added Simulcrux for wizards (a custom item for The Rhine)
-Added wizard trial to level up script
-Update hak & tlk to add new packages (in support of new henchman options)
–Mithraic Paladin package
–Ranger Auxiliary package

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