Change Log 2.20.21

Web Site:
-Added Street Fighter Combo page

-Fixed boss experience award for Tisiphone
-Added more overhead feedback
-Reduced number of rounds between Street Fighter improvised weapon attacks from 1d4 to 1d3
-Added Street Fighter Combo Attack
–Documentation page pending testing
-Added chance to curse enemy target with any spell cast by Egyptian casters
–Added 3 possible curse results for Egyptian curses
–Updated resting script to support wasting curse
–Updated pseudo heartbeat scripts to support paralysis
–The unlucky curse effect can be rested off
-Delayed award of experience points on harvesting pelts
—Part 2—
-Adjusted spellhook script for Egyptian Curses
-Adjusted damage script for combo effects (1d3 round cooldown)
-Updated Fighting Ring manager conversation & scripts
-Updated Fighting Ring trigger script
-Updated Fighting Ring Payment code
-Added Guild Thief combatant
-Added Infamous mechanic; Fighting Ring combatants can be Infamous
-Enrolled fighting ring street fighters in attack & damage mechanics
-Adjusted mugging logic
-Enrolled fighting ring guild thief in mugging mechanic
—Part 3—
-Added Icon of Woden item
-Added Icon of Woden scripts
-Added Icon of Woden conversation
-Adjusted remains dropping script
-Created Mythic Tome Items
-Updated Resting Script with Mythic Tome effects
-Added Mythic Tomes to two shops
-Added Mythic Tomes to Book Pile Loot
-Adjusted Street Fighter hireling fees
-Adjusted drop rates for Divine Essence
-Added notification message for dropped item

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