Change Log 2.22.21

-Updated Combo attack page

-Modified Mythic Tome script, every 5 attempts to use provides a +1 bonus to use that tome, caps at +10
-Modified Mythic Tome script to display the current number of attempts on use
-Modified Mythic Tome script to now advance even when roll fails
-Modified Mythic Tome & Simulcrux to add character level and intelligence to check
-Modified Combo attack to function for melee attacks only
-Modified Combo attack damage and frequency
-Modified Combo attack to include a knockdown check
-Fixed script issue with Devotee of Mars
-Added overhead text for Egyptian curse-giving
-Added overhead text for Vengeful Glare (test)
-Modified Rune script/effects
-Integrated Epilepsy effects
-Modified weather scripts (lowering FOG effect)
-Created script allowing certain items to be opened/closed (prep for poison system)
-Added data object to Legionary henchman
-Updated some creature alignments

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