Change Log 2.27.21


-Added legionaries to the PCs who can take out a legionary henchman
-Added work glove item (ooc store & Faustinus smelting store)
-Disabled some weather things (Fog)
-New crafting stations: Armoring, Carpentry, Tanning, Loom (Docks District)
-New crafting scripts
-Revised several stores
-Revised resource collection scripts
-Patch container script
-Patch poison vial setup
-Patch Shield Wall script
-Fixed several feedback errors
-Fixed some item description issues
-Added Jewish Sacred Text item
-Added Alchemical Collector
-Updated Herb collection script
-Updated Smelting script
-Pelts now destroyed on failed collection check
-Patch pelt destruction
-Added Auxiliary Henchman

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