Change Log 2.28.21


-Added Auxiliary Kit Selection
-Added Anatolian, Phoenician ethnicities
-Swapped Ethiopian ethnicity for Nubian ethnicity
-Renamed Spanish ethnicity to Iberian
-Renamed Italian ethnicity to Latin
-Added Volley Attack
-Hak Update (pt 1, needs pt 2 to address a bug in the appearance of the Anatolian feat on PCs)
-Tlk Update
-Updated customization room scripts
-Fixed bug where Auxiliary henchman can Volley attack too often
-Fixed bug where Auxiliary could not see Legion shop
-Patched mythic tomes feedback
—Part 2—
-Added some Celtic gear to Armoring results for Celts
-Added some Legionary gear to Armoring results for Legionaries, Auxiliaries, Military Tribunes, Roman Politicians
-Updated Legion shop
-Added new area
-Added Wizard only shop
-Added Necrotic Strike
-Adjusted variables on bracers
—Part 3—
-Patched Necrotic Strike bug
-Made DC improved with Spell Focus: Necro feats
-Prevented Improved Parry from working vs. ranged attacks
-Updated crafting feedback “wait” message
-Set crafted items identified

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