Change Log 3.1.21

-Added Roman Auxiliary page
-Added Shield Wall page
-Added Necrotic Strike page
-Added Volley Attack page
-Updated Snipe Attack page

-Fixed HP gained on level up (max)
-Reduced frequency of disruption attack
-Reduced frequency of Holy Touch attack
-Patched Hydra damage script
-Fixed music in Old Ruins sewers
-Fixed temperature in Witch’s Hovel
-Made Snipe function 1/round
-Revised traits on some crafted items
-Removed repair scripts updating item description
-Made Scutum crafting Legion-only
-Added Craftable Amulet of Mars
-Added Craftable Sword of Mars
-Reduced Legionary, Politician and Tribune penalty for wearing heavy armor
-Reduced Auxiliary penalty for wearing medium armor
-Update shade/manes remains appearance
-Lowered Evil Eye movement penalty
-Gave Christians a specialized curse effect
-Delayed message about destroying a resource during collection
-Patch remains cleanup script (again)
-Updated On Spawn scripts to handle gang encounters
-Placed gang encounters in Forum Sewers

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