Change Log 3.20.21

-Updated Feat Changes page
-Updated Features page with new placeholders

-Healing subject of same religion (including self) no longer empowers result
-Patch Scintillating Sphere
-Patch dismissing henchmen
-Death destroys an Illusory Construct
-Resting destroys an Illusory Construct
-Patch Henchman KO script
-Revised Greek Mythic Tome
-Added full spears
-Conjure Healing
-Reactive Invisibility
-Germanic PCs now get bonus to Armoring, Smelting
-Female PCs now get bonus to Clothing crafting
-Latin PCs now get bonus to Tailoring
-Patch Abjuration spell focus (Adamas – renamed Simulcrux)
-Removed chance to roll 1 on Scientific Study
-Created enchantment focus/conversation scripts
-Firedrakes to have magical claws/bite
-Thinned out Gangster enemies in Forum Sewer
-Added resting point to Hideout
-Improved Amulet of Isis effects
-Patch Attack & Damage scripts for new enemies

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