Change Log 3.24.21

-Added class pages to player guide

-Add Barbarians to Auxiliary kit
-Hak changes
–Monstrous Regen Druid 4
–Wall of Fire Druid 4
–Deathward Druid 4
–Patch sounds (weapons, inventory)
-Patched animal companion/familiar traits
-Slightly lowered size of animal companions/familiars
-Fixed a few placeable issues
-Modified Cernunnos extra damage type
-Added minimum distance to fire volley attack
-Revised Shield Block
-Revised Parry item degradation
-Patch Dodge vs. snipe attack
-Touched up some sewer areas
-Touched up Gangster Hideout
-Touched up Hidden Crypt
-Faction fixes
-Removed windstorm

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