Change Log 3.27.21


-Patched consequences of druids wearing metal armor (don’t do it!)
-Revised Ruffian appearance
-Revised Watery Caves appearance
-Ethereal miss sound on incorporeal creatures
-Placeable fixes
-Atmospheric sounds
-Adjusted Witch stats, autoleveling, appearance
-Revised devastating critical DC for ranged weapons, uses Dex
–Point Blank Shot increases DC by +2
-Ranged weapons cannot be damaged from attacking placeables
-Massive Damage now 50 points
-Potion Fixes/Herbalism, added more healing potion formulas
-Added bonuses for masterwork weaponry
-Added bonuses for masterwork helmet, shield, armor, bracer
-Revised illusory construct saving throw
-Touch up Old Ruins Sewers
-Bosses generating names more randomly
-Revised boss appearance rate
-Revised boss buffs
-Revised Divine Essences (all)
-Fixed sewer transition at Forum
-Added autoclose to more doors
-Added Legionary Salary NPC
-Patch death scripts/Ill Omen
-Gave druids strong saves vs. fire/electrical effects
-Removed Alchemist Fire
–Added TORCH effects (put torch in off hand, profit)
-Survival Feat lets you sleep in armor
-Added Wraith Cloak
-Revised Light script (Fairie Fire)
–Part 2–
-Patch Illusory Construct damage
-Patch Torch damage
-Patch Critical hit DC (ranged) again
-New script from tinygiant
–Back detection bonus
–Shield block penalty
–Parry penalty
–Enchanting gaze
-Revised sounds added in last update
-Fixed floating watchtowers in docks

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