Change Log 3.3.21

-Added a few placeholders

-Updated witch enemy with some wizard class abilities (engraved staff, simulcrux)
-Updated on-spawn script
-Updated Smelter in Old City Ruins
-Revised Celtic Hero feats to add dice, not use multipliers
-Revised Volley Attack to no longer work with javelins, only shortbows + slings
-Added more overhead feedback
-Added Stark Defense for Celtic PCs
-Added general attack/defense ability timers. All Rhine class, kit, and special feats are now 1/round, with a few exceptions
-Critical hits now impair all class, kit, and special feat abilities for 1-3 rounds
—Part 2—
-Patched Stark defense
-Patched Shield wall
-Patched attack ready logic
-Patched defense ready logic
-Patched NPC Witch on spawn
-Patched Subdual damage
-Added renaming to random gangster spawns
-Patched how NPCs are tagged for certain abilities
-Updated Street Fighter NPCs & Henchman
-Updated Gladiator Henchman
-Updated Legionary NPCs & Henchman
-Updated Auxiliary Henchman
-Updated Thief Henchman & Thief NPCs
-Updated Centurion NPCs
-Patched collection payout script
-Adjusted waypoints in Watery Cave
-Adjusted spawns in Watery Cave

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