Change Log 3.4.21


-Fast Recovery now belongs to Barbarian kit instead of Barbarian class
-Patch Mugging (no longer works at a distance)
-Patch movement penalty of Evil Eye
-Revised bandages script to add timer check on bandagee
-Revised bandages to give a -2 DC to bandaging others
-Revised how Ruffians spawn
-Revised how Witches spawn
-Made Examination Widget undroppable
-Set up new area
-Changed crafting frequency to 2 hours
-Set crafting frequency setting on the module
-Added remove curse to Temple of Jupiter
-Added remove curse to Hospital of Angitia
-Filled in several more map-notes
-Added potion treasure drops to humanoid foes
-Revised divine essence drop rate
-Creature Rename
-Testing Horse Merchant
-Testing NPC placement
-Changed how NPC Legionaries & Auxiliaries level up

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