Change Log 3.6.21

-Updated Saintly PC page
-Added Feat Changes page
-Updated Feinting page

-Improved Gorgonion
-Made Places of Power
-Sacrifice Mechanic for Witches
-Sacrifice boons
-Craft Illusory Construct
-Update On Spawn scripts (multiple)
-Update On Damage scripts (multiple)
-Added Concentration checks/penalties
-Patch backstab/feinting
-Randomized extra creature crit damage
-Blooded bonus now engaged at 10% of health
-Patch Shield Block/Parry Hierarchy
-Additional NPC placement + map pins
-Kill henchmen on PC death
-Spell Focus Illusion to help with Illusory Blade
-Removed Saintly Disruption
-Removed Power of Christ damage avoidance
-Stopped undead from receiving double divine damage
-Made Illusory Construct able to be turned invisible by master
-Added Prism of Protection

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