Change Log 4.11.21


-Removed misplaced Astarte
-Removed bonus damage on illusory construct
-Removed ethereal sound effect from incorporeal
-Revised cloak of the wraith appearance
-Adjusted Lernean Hydra speed
-Adjusted Shade speed
-Check Necropolis deserter encounter
-Haks updated
–Divine Might now instant action
–Divine Favor now instant action
–Produce Flame, Druid 1
–Updated Scintillating Sphere script (uses hit detection)
–Updated Finger of Death script (uses hit detection)
–Added Pierce Attack feat/ability for Auxiliaries
–Added Volley Attack feat/ability for Auxiliaries
-Removed old Volley implementation
-Updated Sheela Na Gig amulet (wipes attack effects)
-Potion costs update
-Customization scripts updated (so new auxiliaries get their feats)
-On-join scripts updated (so old auxiliaries get their feats)
-Patch Lesser Spear of Assal
-Patch Timers for Pierce Attack & Volley Attack
-Patch factions so invisible objects/creatures are ignored by super smart AI
-Patch Staff of Affliction
-Patch Lesser Spear of Assal
-Updated item activation script (Fix staff/spear magic items)
-Added Stygian Blade
-Added resting to Gate of Dis
-Added resting to Underworld Arena
-Added Place of Power to Underworld Arena
-Added cleanup script for targeting objects
-Changed appearance of random Dis Arena creatures

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