Change Log 5.19.21

-Updated Feinting page error
-Updated Revenant page, Unliving traits
-Revised Parry page details (no reciprocal strikes)

-Fixed large shield crafting
-Removed more tongs & gloves from the remaining shop
-Removed some description cues from the examination widget
-Made Scintillation Sphere & Produce flame break Invisibility
-Updated Divine Essence drops for familiar/henchman kills
-Adjusted Reactive Invisibility DC, added feedback on failure
-Fix to subdual damage divide by 0 error
-Combat Mastery to only affect attacks made by main hand weapon, regardless if off-hand weapon is also a mastery type
-Updated Staff of Affliction script (will still break if only 1 charge remaining and used too soon!)
-Added sandals to the leather armor sold in shops
-Added temporary new player event bonuses for new PCs
-Deathward now provides +10 to saving throws vs. death (helps vs. critical hits)
-Removed critical immunity from Revenants, fixed +2 Charisma bonus that was missing
-Gave Revenants -10 to critical hit severity for criticals against them (you can still crush their bones with a lot of luck)
-Added regular handaxes to shops
-Relic, Incense cost increase, single-use, long cooldown for non-saintly PCs (12 hours), added feedback for relic cooldown
-Changed Cloak of the Wraith Cost, prohibited its use by Christians

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