Change Log 5.24.21

-Documented Adamas
-Documented Prism of Protection
-Documented Pierce Attack
-Updated Volley Attack page

-Adjusted how traits are being applied to unique enemies
-Updated Bandages
-Disabled PFE and PFG visual effects
-Turned off new PC event perks
-Lowered the cost of iron ore
-Revised Imogen’s store
-Added new area (not connected yet, thanks Red!)
-Made Paladins unable to select gladiator kit
-Made starting Druids unable to select anything but Celtic ethnicity
-Adjusted Scintillating Sphere
-Adjusted Produce Flame
-Patched Volley Attack code so that level 1 receives an entire damage dice (not fractional)
-Added Tinderbox to make campfires (Thanks Red!)

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