Change Log 5.30.21

-Consolidated General and Systems categories on the features page
-Updated Mythic Attributes page

-Patched Divine Essence drops
-Revised Siege Weapon support
-Updated Siegeworks store
-Adjusted Old Ruins – Gaming Tent transition
-Updated Xeno’s store to sell tinderbox
-Connected new area: Rhine River Crossing
-Capped temporary (and template) ability modifiers at +6 globally
-Fixed some errors on displayed -help command
-Revised supported -emote commands
-Tinderbox given to new PCs with Survival proficiency
-Removed visual effects of Mythic Tomes
-Fixed Mythic Tome feedback error
-Mythic Attribute accrual now gives feedback
-Updated numerous scripts handling Mythic Attribute functions
-Added -mythicnew console command
–Part 2–
-Removed -mythicnew, it’s just -mythic once again
–mythic command now uses new setup
-Patched bandages
–Part 3—
-Sacrificial Altar
–Druidic sacrifices
–Druidic communion
–Druidic henchman
–Druidic Sub-Kit Selection
-Druidic sub-kit implementation (Ovate, Hierophant, Avenger, Fallen Druid)
–Astrology improvements (Ovates)
–Damage script update (Ovates immune to backstab)
–Damage script update (Ovates anticipate/reduce damage)
–On Equip script update (Ovates & Hieros, no armor)
–Herbalism script update (hiero’s use for free)
–Henchman scripts re: druidic henchman
–Fast Recovery update (Hieros)
–Bonus stats to Hieros
–Lightning bolt widget (placeholder for lightning feat for Avengers)
–Damage script update, fire or lightning damage for avengers
–Damage script update- Fallen Druid healed by negative energy spells
–Damage script update (Fallen Druid wrath hits/special sickle)
–Damage script update, Avengers immune to whichever element they’ve currently called on
–Spellhook update, fallen druids do horrible things to spell targets
–Console commands to toggle between fire or lightning avenger only

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