Change Log 5.31.21

-Added Druidic Sub-Kits page
-Added Sacrificial Altar page
-Added Celtic Songs page
-Updated Mythic Attributes page
-Updated Bandages page

-Debris piles now grant a small mythic INT bonus
-Bandages can only be used on a wounded target
-Revenants are now immune to polymorph
-Modified some Druid Sub-Kit items
-Modified Imogen’s store
-Updated Sacrificial Altar scripts
-Patched Spellhook behavior for Fallen Druid benefits
-Patched fire/lightning damage variables for Avenger Druids
-Patched Fallen Druid healing from negative energy case
-Patch Druidic henchman details
-Added feedback to Ovate Druid usage of Astrology
-Added feedback to Avenger soaking fire/lightning
-Patch to Herbalism scripts
—Part 2 Update—
-Alcohol now resets the next rest timer to 15 minutes out
-Patched Sacrificial Altar Sacrifices (again)
-Removed Critical Hit Severity bonuses from Cleave, Great Cleave
-Lowered Stroke of Precision Critical Hit Severity to +8
-Added Spell Resistance VFX to Avenger damage soaking
-Revised Scintillating Sphere spell
-Revised Produce Flame spell
-Implemented new Bard songs:
–Song of Valor, type -valor to select
–Song of Resistance, type -resist to select
–Song of Healing, type -healing to select
–Song of Heroes, type -heroes to select
–If no Bard song selected, Valor automatically selected for you
—Part 3 Update—
-Celtic ethnicity only option for Bards
-Pleb only option for Bards & Druids
-Patched feedback when switching to song of healing
-Patched Mythic Attribute gain for song of heroes

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