Change Log 6.1.21


-Bard song
–Fixed grammar¬† error in console for bard song changes
–Fixed transposed values that mixed up song of healing and song of resistance
–Lowered Bard song Radius
–Embedded some additional functionality in Bard song script
–Fixed Song of Heroes granting of Mythic Attributes

-Attack/Critical Hit scripts
–Revised Critical Hit base severity roll
–Added Critical severity reduction for magical beasts, dragons equal to HD
–Added Critical severity reduction for vermin, equal to half HD
–Removed 1/2 base attack bonus from Critical hit severity
–Masterwork weapons now provide +2 severity instead of +1
–Anatolian/Nubians using short bows Critical severity lowered from 4 to 2
–Stroke of Precision lowered to +6

-Damage scripts
–Added reflex save to avoid Torch fire damage in mele
–Added Torch attack cooldown so it’ll work with other abilities
–Added cooldown on Avenger Fire/Lightning
–Bracers of Parry now grant access to Improved Parry functionality

-Spell scripts
–Added Torch attack cooldown to spell hook (so it doesn’t add to spell damage)
–Added Avenger Fire/Lightning cooldown to spell hook (so it doesn’t add to spell damage)

–Patched examination feedback
–Fixed Mythic Strength gain with Prybars
–Added Mythic Intelligence gain to searching Book piles
–Added Mythic Charisma gain to bard/paladin magic use
–Capped Mythic Constitution gain to a max of 5 per hit
–Capped Bull’s Strength, Cat’s Grace et cetera spell chain at 10 points of Mythic Attribute gain

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