Change Log 6.10.21


-Shop revisions
–Updated the White Tunic (for real this time)
–Retired Celtic Steel sword from shops (preserve the riddle of steel)
–Added Bard spell slot items
–Added Mystery Cult cleric spell slot items
–Added State Religion cleric spell slot items
–Added Jewish cleric spell slot items
–Added new “off-module” clothing appearances to OOC store
–Added potions of see invisibility
–New beverage vendor in Forum Taberna
–Fixed price of wine
–Revised Cloak of Invisibility

-On Damage
–Patched the Flames of Mithras ability
–Patched ranged weapons of Sapping
–Fixed issue with Bracers of Parry so they provide access to parry mechanics

-Underworld Arena
–Made “extra creatures” appear by level and percentage chance

-Mythic Attributes system
–Lay on Hands provides Charisma gains
–Turn Undead provides Charisma gains
–Divine Shield/Divine Might provide Charisma gains

-Spell scripts
–Patch to cure series spells (and how they affect undead)
–Patch to inflict series spells (and how they affect undead)
–Patched Arbalist & Scorpion

-Martial Law update
–Added new Roman Guard faction
–Doubled Legionary guard patrols in colony areas
–Implemented Juno’s code for Guard Weapon Checks
–Tweaked code to function only in areas designated as City areas
–Auxiliaries, Legionaries, Military Tribunes exempt from colony weapon restrictions
–Patched equipping sequence checks

-The Big Germanic Update (coming soon)
–Finalizing variables for new set of areas
–Naming and connecting areas

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