Change Log 6.11.21

-Added Pierce Attack to Auxiliary kit page

-Fixed Gaulish Garb (Green)
-Tweaked weather system initialization
-Patched Customization scripts (so Disguise users can use freely)
-Added PC Customization option [Top Secret]
-Patched Bandages script
-Patched Unliving Traits
–Minor critical hit severity reduction
–Granted darkvision
–Cannot sap life force from another unliving target
-Revised Paladin Lay on Hands caster level (equals paladin level now)
-Patched Paladin Lay on Hands [Top Secret]
-Patched Cure/Inflict spell includes
-Patch Arbalist & Scorpion items
—Part 2—
-Minor reduction in overall EXP gains
-Minor reduction in Animal Companion buffs
-Patched Weapon Checks (DM has weapon case)
-Patched Weapon Checks (City case)
-Lowered respawn timer to 5 minutes
-Added Crippling Strike effect to high level Backstab
-Granted Flames of Mithras ability to fire domain clerics with Mystery Cult religion
-Edit on-area-entry scripts
-Removed deprecated trash removal script
-More transitions connected
-Spawning more critters

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