Change Log 6.12.21

-Updated Amulets page [Top Secret] (shows who can use what only)

-Console System
–Added a special magic item to provide access to disguise/description/head features
–Spell Focus Illusion now provides access to these features
–Spell Focus Transmutation now provides access to these features
–Makesafe option usable once every 5 minutes
-Conversation scripts
–Meresankh [Top Secret]
-Damage Scripts
–Edit to Street Fighter Combo attack damage
–Mithraic Paladins to gain 2 DR vs. fire damage per paladin level
–Patch to Legionary NPC using Shield Wall
–Increased saving throw DC to dodge snipe attacks
–Fixed an issue with Giant Spider nests
–Added Vespa Maximus
–Edited Hag creature faction setting
–Updated Eliphas’s Legionary store with 3 new armor pieces (2 light, 1 heavy)
–Updated Meresankh’s Mystery store with new amulet item
–Bless Weapon emits a little light now, also can bless arrows now
–Lay on Hands does fire damage vs. undead
–Alcohol cannot affect undead
–Patch Arbalest script (getting closer!)

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