Change Log 6.13.21


-Patch to Blessed Weapon duration
-Patched Meresankh’s conversation, shop
-Patched area cleanup scripts
-Patched how Divine Essences are dropping
-Added more instances of creatures with DR/good
-Console Chat System
–Added -dye command, dye your armors, cloaks, helmets
-Added Plot NPCs
-Patched Fuxina not receiving trident weapon focus feat
-Disabled default crafting menu
-Patch bandages bug (relog if bandages not working)
-Damage Script
–Patched Combat Mastery: Fuxina
–Granted Legionaries access to Combat Mastery: Gladius
–Combat Mastery now grants +2 critical hit severity
–Added Critical Miss effects
—Overextended, -2 reflex -2 attack
—Slip and fall
—Weapon degraded
—Weapon dropped
–Revised Critical Hit effect application
—Requires Resting to remove
—Lowered movement penalties from critical effects
—Enabled instant death system messages
-Retired critical hit “scrambling” (the feature that lengthened the duration of cooldown timers)
-Combat Fatigue System
–Too much fighting in too little time prompts saving throws, effects include:
—Attack Penalties
—Spell Failure
—Ranged combat is less strenuous than melee combat
-Experience Point System
–Prevent banking of EXP
—Level up as soon as you can
-DM Tools
–Patched DM curse tools [Top Secret]
–Patched DM infamy tool (you can now retire as a gladiator)
-Multiclass System
–If barbarian for 1st class, or barbarian kit, cannot level up in wizard

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