Change Log 6.14.21

-Added Divine Essence page
-Added Console Chat System page
-Added Critical Failures page
-Added Combat Fatigue page
-Revised Legionary page
-Revised Auxiliary page
-Revised Military Tribune page
-Revised Amulets page

-All new PCs to be given their first Divine Essence free
-Test out dropping one random equipped item on player death
-Patch Meresankh conversation
-Reinvented Sacrificial Altar mechanics
-Patch Critical Hit effects
-Patch Combat Fatigue penalties
-Returned to be resistant to some fatigue effects (not all)
-Healing potions removed from shops
-Cleaning up blood spats, burn marks, divine essences after a bit
-Destroyed Evil Rhine Fog for all time
-All spellcasting classes now fully ‘gestalt’
-Military Tribunes receive Mounted Combat feat for free
-Retired vampiric regeneration on items. Replaced with a variable that works on weapons whether ranged or melee, works all the time, except against undead

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