Change Log 6.15.21

-Added Dual Classing page
-Added Morality in Ancient World page
-Added Setting Expectations page
-Updated Multiclass Limitations page
-Updated Critical Failures page

-Attack script
–Patched Combat Mastery
–Patched sapping/vampiric weapon effect
–Sapping/Vampiric now appears in green so easier to notice, only fires when attacker is harmed (cleaner combat log)
–Critical Failure features now confirm on a d6 roll
–Critical Failure text shows in red so it’s easier to notice
–Critical Failure Reflex DC now randomized (16-25)
-Damage Script
–Holy Cross item now deals melee damage when in offhand
-Disguise Script
–Fixed issue retrieving original PC name when turning disguise off (Thanks for bughunting Bernard!)
–Patched Examination Widget for the same
–Owls now non-hostile
–Patch to NPC Legionary & Auxiliary auto-leveling
–Patch to NPC shout script (the DMs are safe now)
–Patch to Germanic Pagan divine essence dropping
–Activated Sticky Combat Modes
–Exhaustion message appears in red so easier to notice now
-Level Up Script
–Added Dual-Class system
–Clerics cannot be druids, druids cannot be clerics
–Celts cannot be barbarians
–Paladins & Tribunes cannot be rogues
–Rogues cannot be paladins
–Added DM tool to remove Dual-Classing flag (so remakes are ok)
-Login Script
–Paladin summon mount ability removed
–Improved Expertise now removed on login (please contact a DM to be releveled)
–Improved Power Attack now removed on login (please contact a DM to be releveled)

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