Change Log 6.16.21

-Updated Console Chat System page

-Patch to combat mythic gains, only gain from the first 10 hits vs. a single creature
-Patched Pagan Sacrifice mechanic
-Added Pagan Sacrifice mechanic to Witches and Cleric stations (Christians cannot do Pagan Sacrifices!)
-Patched Exhaustion code so higher DCs will register for higher activity
-Fixed cost of Potion of Displacement
-Patched Celtic Pantheon choice for druids
-Patch Transmutation Focus providing access to disguise
-Removed automatic miss notification
-Removed access to kits other than Barbarian for Druids
-Removed Mythic Gains from using bandages
-Druidic Sub Kits require level 5 (works with Dual-Classing better)
-Patched Spellhook to prevent holy cross relic from adding damage to spells
-Added suspension of spell abilities of primary class, once dual-classed, the suspension is lifted once the new class equals or exceeds the old one
-Added Pankration System
-Lowered temp in Dis Gate
-Fixed crafted quarterstaff description/title
-Updated crafted arrows traits
-Updated proficiency descriptions on initial chargen and also on level up menus
-Removed visual effect from Shield of Faith
-Patched how horses are acquired and managed
-Updated Lesser Dispel and Dispel Magic spells with new function (thanks Juno!)
-Added experimental customization of helmet, cloak, robe, weapon appearance.

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