Change Log 6.18.21


-Enabled full item appearance customization
-Added new area (Thanks Juno!)
-Implemented new kits/proficiencies in customization zone
-Granting new feats on login
-Implemented new feat abilities for Celtic Bards (change songs)
-Implemented new feat abilities for Avenger Druids
-Implemented spell slot clearing for Dual-Class case
-Edited who receives access to Barbarian kit
-Scripts for Bard song feats
-Script for Sprint ability
-Scripts for Avenger abilities
-Script for Enchanting gaze
-Removed polymorph effect from fear spell
-Roman Politicians now receive Medium Armor Proficiency for free
-Respawn option initiates “world entry” conversation
-Removed mythic/fatigue effects of Alcohol
-Patched Horse dismissal via -dismiss
-Removed Camilla/Witch quest
-Updated descriptions of all proficiencies in chargen and level up menu
-Thinned out guards around the Old Ruins

-Hak Update
–Added Sprint Ability
–Removed Evocation Wizard level up package
–Updated all class descriptions and some class names
–Edited class radial positions
–Added Cloaks
–Added Robes
–Updated Robe 2da
–Added Icons
–Added Totem Carver proficiency
–Added Charm Person to Celtic Bard spell level 0
–Removed Improved Power Attack
–Removed Improved Expertise
–Disabled Find Traps spell
–Sorted Custom Rhine feats on character sheets
–Updated Bless Weapon Description
–Updated Scintillating Sphere Description
–Updated Produce Flame Description
–Updated Call Lightning Description
–Updated Light Description
–Added crafting system 2das
–Made Gems non-stackable
–Enchanting Gaze is now its own feat
–Made Barbarian Rage instant cast
–Disabled paladin summon mount
–Disabled unsupported weapon focus feats
–Disabled unsupported improved critical feats
–Disabled Rapid Reload
–Disabled Skill Focus: Craft Trap
–Disabled Favored Enemies vs. unsupported races
–Disabled Spell Focus Evocation feats
–Weapon Finesse now has no base attack requirement

–New Kits
—Sidhe Blooded
—Fomorion Blooded
—Path Finder
—Beast Warrior
—Hound Master
—Christian Missionary
—Night Watch

–New Sub Kits
—Slave Gladiator
—Legionary Conscript
—Convert series (converted to another religion)

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