Change Log 6.19.21

-Updated Player Guide page with new kits
-Added Sprint page
-Added Brawler page
-Added Pankration page
-Added Path Finder page
-Added Night Watch page
-Added Fomorion Blood page
-Added Sidhe Blood page
-Updated all Background/Kit pages
-Updated Shield Wall page
-Updated Legionary page
-Updated Military Tribune page
-Updated Shield Block page

-Patch to login script to apply medium armor prof to Politicians
-Patch to Sprint ability script
-Patch to potion caster level calculation
-Patch to bard song changer feats
-Patch access to Tailoring proficiency
-Patch to background/kit access
-Patch to item caster level bug
-Patch to religion selection requirements
-Patch to birthright access
-Patch to proficiency access
-Path Finders now do “map reveal” on unexplored areas
-Enchanting Gaze now granted as a feat to those with Spell Focus: Enchantment
-Updated DM tool to make Slave Gladiators
-Fomorion blood increases physical damage inflicted one point, lowers physical damage received one point
-Sidhe blood casts spells at + 1 caster level, has a chance to avoid hostile magic
-Patch Dual-Classing script for Fomorion & Sidhe blood
-Added Brawler kit benefits to Pankration script
-Added saving throws to Pankration effects
-Patch cooldown on Avenger lightning
-Removed baleful polymorph effect from Fear spell
-Patch Rune items & Rune scripts (for Totem Carver proficiency release)
-Added feedback to Rune-induced saving throws
-Added DM Tool to create a Legionary Conscript
-Patch ‘authorization’ script for access to Legionary store and other features
-Added “Full DR” Armor
-Updated Shield Block for Legionaries & Tribunes
-Added Engraved Dagger
-Added Boots of the Messenger
-Updated Shield Wall page
-Increased max level of legionary henchman
-Retired auxiliary henchman
-Patched Snipe Attack

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