Change Log 6.2.21

-Added Curse song page

-Curse song
–Updated Curse song effects/progression
–Curse song has a chance to inflict a random (plot) curse at Bard level 10

–Cleaned up curse variable handling
–Patch Sacrificial Altar Sacrifice mechanic
–Added Plot NPC

-Chat Console
–Added Backpacks (1-3), Quivers (1-2), and Scabbards (1-6) to chat commands
–Added -remove command to remove backpacks, quivers, and scabbards
–Type -help to see all options & entry syntax

-Attack Scripts:
–Ranged weapons “of Sapping” should now sap the life from foes

-Damage Scripts
–Druid Ovate DR to execute 1/round
–Activated Felix Mechanics (still testing)
–Adjusted Sheela Na Gig amulet effect
–Adjusted Wrath of Mars ability effect
–Street Fighter Combo Attack now gives the target a saving throw (DC 9+STR), knockdown effect follows a discipline check
–Adjusted Vengeful Strike to match other similar abilities (1/round, saving throw)

-Mythic Attributes
–Druid Ovate DR use gives small mythic gain (wisdom)
–Successful use of Prism of Protection gives small mythic gain bonus (intelligence)
–Successful use of Parry to grant a small mythic gain (dexterity)
–Successful use of Shield Block to grant a small mythic gain (strength)
–Successful Back Detection to grant a small Mythic gain (constitution)
–Added Drake Treasure Horde Mythic gain (intelligence)
–Added Bone Pile Mythic gain (intelligence)

–Patched Drake Treasure Horde feedback
–Patched Bone Pile feedback
–“Magic” rolls hidden unless you have 5+ spellcraft

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