Change Log 6.20.21

-Added Entrepreneur page
-Added Houndmaster page
-Added Socialite page
-Added Beast Warrior page
-Added Beast Spirit page
-Added Berserker page
-Added Christian Missionary page

-Adjusted animal companion stats downward
-Fixed Spatha appearance
-Added support for Entrepreneurs (NPC, starting gold)
-Added support for Houndmasters (-call menu, rest script, onspawn script)
-Added support for Socialites (RP XP)
-Added support for Beast Warriors (onspawn script, rest script, attack script)
-Added support for Berserkers (barbarian rage script)
-Added support for Christian Missionaries (Starting item, spellhook script)
-Added Berserker Cloak
-Revised some NPC Spawn times/locations
-Added Estate & Business payout NPC
-Revised Laurentius’s Store
-Removed onlevelup GP gains
-Removed Shield spell visual effect
-Night Watch receives reduced fatigue penalty
-Edit onequip script (DMs are safe)
-Added advisory to Bard Song script when you don’t have enough perform skill
-Updated Trenico’s conversation to pay Legionary Conscripts

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