Change Log 6.25.21

-Added Conversion page
-Added Epicureans page

-Added conversion books (ask a DM for one if you wish to convert, they’ll be added to shops later)
-Removed Shield Wall ability from Legionary Henchman
-Updated Celtic Sword appearances/ reduced occurrence of steel items
-Uncapped Improved Parry usage per round. Parry lowers by -4 for 1 round for each successful parry usage
-Added correct variables to Animal Cultist enemies
-Added Animal Cultist shaman unit
-Fixed waypoints in Animal Cult Lair
-Changed music track in Hidden Cavern
-Updated fog parameters in Rhine River Crossing
-Prevented Shield Wall from working when the target is mounted
-Added resting location to Castra Vetera
-Updated Vulpes faction
-Removed Harpy Captivating Song
-Added Conversion Books
–Updated resting script to remove spells from Converts with specialty classes (Bard, Druid, Paladin)
–Updated resting script to remove spells from Epicureans
–Updated Spellhook script to give Epicureans total magic immunity
–Updated OnEquip script to prevent Epicureans from using divinely imbued weapons
–Updated Spellhook script to take away magic resistance from Christian Missionaries who convert
-Haks updated
–Most robes now work on horseback
–Added wet caves/underdark tilesets
–Fixed an error in the Ranger class description
–Fixed an error where pleb, equestrian, patrician was showing up in the class radial

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