Change Log 6.26.21

-Updated Fomorion Blood page
-Updated Berserker page
-Updated Epicurean page

-Adjusted engagement distance particulars
–Mythic attribute granting
–Experience award granting
–Maximum distance ranged damage
-Adjusted EXP system reward particulars
-Added -scream command to customize Warrior Scream shout
-Patched Critical Hit system parameters
–Enemy crits now much more deadly
-Patched Legionary Henchman use of Shield Wall and Combat Mastery: Gladius
-Disabled subdual mode by default on login
-Patch Fomorion Blood details, now gains +1 to critical hit severity
-Patch to Avenger Lightning ability
-Patch to Berserker Rage parameters
-Added new shop & NPCs to Germanic Village
-Added books of conversion to appropriate shops
-Connected three additional areas
-Fixed the automatic levelups of certain worthy foes
-Patch Animal Cult Lair entrance
-Increased rate at which Runes are destroyed
-Removed defunct combat log message (killers)
-Adjusted Combat Fatigue thresholds
-Adjusted color of combat log text
-Patched Shield Wall (again)
-Increased monetary award to Equestrians, Patricians, Entrepreneurs
-Created Manuals of each Attribute
-Adjusted Greater Magic Weapon to +2 max
-Adjusted Magic Vestment to +2 max
-Added Epicurean ability to resist damage from magical sources

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