Change Log 6.28.21

-Updated Fear spell page
-Updated Improved Parry page
-Updated Animal Companion page
-Updated Barbarian Rage page
-Updated Beast Spirit page
-Updated Bard page
-Updated Druid page
-Updated Barbarian page
-Updated Fighter page

-Made DM proficiency tool
-Customization updates
–Patch Christian/Christian Missionary requirements
–Patched Path Finder requirements
–Patched Entrepreneur requirements
–Patched Socialite requirements
–Patched Iberian requirements
–Patched Latin requirements
-Rhine AD&D Weapon Proficiency System
–All players awarded simple, martial, exotic proficiency
–All players awarded improved unarmed strike
–Added 16 weapon proficiency feats (per weapon)
–Added 16 weapon specialization feats (fighters only)
–Weapon specialization provides +1 Base Attack Bonus, +2 damage, +2 critical severity
-Updated level up proficiency selection menu
-Updated Bard/Druid level up requirements
-Patch damage scripts for specialization bonus damage
-Renamed several abilities (weapon groups, defunct class feats)
-Patched weather/fog effects, lowered chance of rain
-Patched Avenger Lightning ability
-Experience Point system adjustments
–Reinstated henchman/summon EXP penalty
–Higher-level PCs gain no EXP from trivial foes
-Standardized parameters of sewer areas
-Mythic Attributes system
–If an attack is greater than or equal to your AC minus your dexterity modifier (if any), gain Mythic Dexterity
–Fomorion Blood PCs have a chance to gain Mythic Constitution when being hit (extra)
–Added Mythic Tomes which can be used to raise attributes (Barbarian kit cannot read them)
-Patch Combat Fatigue system to exhaust if already fatigued
-Fomorion Blood PCs scale upward in size
-Resting disallowed in main city areas
-Added additional debris piles (Sewers, Amphitheater)
-Updated all weapon description text
-Updated all weapon critical hit range (20 is a critical hit for all weapons)
–Additional critical hit effects are based on a weapon’s damage type

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