Change Log 6.29.21

-Updated Bard Class page
-Added Weapon Proficiency System page

–Retired Barbarian Kit
–Barbarian class can no longer pick Military Family
–Celtic PCs no longer receive Riastarthae for free
–Celtic PCs choose Riastarthae as a background
–Patched Houndmaster companion dialogue
–Patched DM Weapon Proficiency Tool
–Patched Weapon Proficiency Level up menu
-Riastarthae cools down every 10 min, scales by total character level, but causes fatigue
-Celtic characters with anotherĀ  background have Riastarthae removed on login
-Reduced messages in combat log
-Backstab vs. Ovates now reports failure
-Refactored/cleaned up some critical hit code
-Slings & Scimitars given +2 critical severity
-Corrected armoring proficiency typo
-Cleaned up Prime Numbers! Code for Mathematicians
-Redesigned on-equip script to give cleaner feedback, fixed a problem with Specialization
-Standardized weapons in starting shop, added weapons to other shops
-Removed saps, bastard swords from loot/enemies
-Patched Sacred Text script for Jewish characters
-Combat Fatigue
–Attack penalties wear off naturally after 15 minutes
–Fighters and Barbarians deduct their levels from the save DC
–Healing spells, lay on hands, bard song, and restoration spells reset hit counters
-Non-weapon Proficiencies
–Barbarian class and Ranger class can choose Survival
–Celtic Druids, Priests, Wizards can choose Herbalism
–Celtic Bards, Celtic Druids, Priests, Wizards can choose Astrology
-Sprint change
–Fighters and Rangers now receive +2 to their effective Constitution modifier for the purposes of overcoming armor check penalty
-Parry change
–Fighters and Paladins now receive -2 parry skill for 1 round after a successful parry, instead of -4 parry skill
-Legionary Henchman now caps at level 7

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