Change Log 6.7.21

-Removed Coup De Grace page (default NWN Coup De Grace still in place)

-Made all palette cloaks show wing models
-Replaced old Wasp Venom bounty drop
-Revised Argiotalus’ store
–Fixed some clothing models
–Removed Gae Bolga (It can now be crafted)
-Patched RP Experience Point gain
-Removed Visual Effects from Resist Elements, Protection from Elements
-Fixed the cost of Expeditious Retreat Potions
-Lowered the message character length required to receive RP Experience points
-Patched Ovate DR
-Patched bug where Snipe attack stacked with pierce attack and volley attack
-Disabled rogue “poison attack” ability
-Patched sacrificial altar
-Patched so collectible pelts only drop if the killer has Hunting proficiency
-Increased the cost of beer, wine
-Made the Greek Mythic Tome grant minimum attribute amount
-Patched Ultravision spell to give +1 AB and +2 spot
-Unlocked sewer door below Old Ruins to Amphitheater
-Deprecated Coup De Grace
-Deprecated “life stealing” feature from bounty script
-Patched Warrior Scream following SQL migration
-Patched Revenant DM granting tool
-Patched for bleed-out case in Gate of Dis
-Rewrote Attack/Damage script variable handling for NPCs
-Patch to Sheela Na Gig amulet traits
-Patch Critical Hit Severity, targets now reduce severity based on their CON mod
-Made Xenos stand because he’s invisible if he sits (Line of sight problem)
-Patched mythic wisdom gains on bandaging case
-Patched weather damage applicaton function (Brrr!)
-Paladin Lay on Hands now cures fatigue/exhaustion
-Mythic attributes now reward fast at first, with diminishing gains over time
-Deprecated feature that let you “heal” dead NPCs
-New PCs now receive 3 bandages and 1 torch item
-Added Mythic gains to all existing trade jobs
-Patched Disguise Proficiency
-Patched Anti-Muling Script
-Patched new Tinderbox item
-Updated Tent item
-Added a new module starting location for Barbarians
-Added delay to script initialization on large amazing areas
-Updated variables new PCs receive at character generation
-Deprecated PC data object
-Deprecated towel item
-Patched Druid henchmen to destroy itself if it has no master
-Added special DM event tools
–[Top Secret] infliction tools
–[Top Secret] spawning tools
–Patched variables on DM event spawned creatures so they won’t drop bounties
-Created DM Remake Zone
–Migrated template acquisition placeables
-SQL Database Migration for player variable tracking
-Made Mithraic Paladin fail case grant mythic constitution gains
–Patched wrong attribute type gain
-Console Command Updates
–Added Head customization in OOC Customization room only (-help for details)
–Added command to display current remaining respawns (-respawn)
–Added command to save character progress (-save)

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