Change Log 6.8.21


-Console support update
–Added -description command (enabled in Customization room + Disguise users anywhere)
–Added -head command for Disguise users anywhere
–Fixed issue with -respawn reporting the remaining number of respawns
-Made DM Voice Tool nonhostile-to-all
-Updated Hypogeum and Dis anvils
-Fixed some more cloaks to show wing models (quivers, scabbards, et cetera)
-Patched Divine Essence dropping
-Added bonus cleric spell slot items for Christians
-Updated Secret Christian Shop
-Updated Legionary Shop
-Added Jail area to Forum
-Revised some NPC equipment
-Made DM tool to use on players who are sold to the gladiatorial school
-Made Hair Dye Script/items
-Updated Sidonia’s shop to sell hair dyes
-Added Taberna area to Forum

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