Change Log 6.9.21


-Fixed the white tunic appearance
-Removed visual effect from Spell Resistance spell
-Patched healing/inflict spells to properly affect undead
-Added script constants for monster resource templates so scripts are easier to read (No magic numbers!)
-Patched Remove Curse to properly remove DM afflicted curses
-Patched bandages to never work on The Unliving
-Updated Christian Relics to never work on The Unliving
-Retirement of Revenant and Saint templates (Existing PCs are ok)

-Death System Updates
–King Minos now will only reward Dis Arena battles a total of 10 times
—After exceeding this Dis Arena award limit, PCs will take on the appearance of shades
—Characters who fight in the Dis Arena to return become one of The Unliving
–Players now will leave a bloody stain on the ground where they were killed/detained
–Patched OnPlayerDeath script to properly recognize killing PC
–Reduced the death respawn timer to 30 minutes instead of 60
–Stick detained PCs in one of a few different cells
–Certain NPCs will now detain defeated players instead of killing where possible
–Dead PCs can defeat a living PC in the Arena of Dis to “steal” their life and earn a return

-Mythic Gain changes
–Proficiency jobs now scale earned mythic accrual amounts based on current score

-Area Entry Script
–Updated Area entry script only map-reveals city areas
–Updated Area entry script advises users of -detain whether they can detain in that area
–Patch covering “recovery areas” to fix PCs who might otherwise bleed out in the recovery zone (jail, Gate of Dis, later to include hospital, Temple of Jupiter)

-Console chat system
–Added -detain command, valid arguments are on/off, only usable in areas that are considered “City areas,” only usable by Auxiliaries, Legionaries, Military Tribunes, sends defeated PCs directly to jail
–Enabled -subdual command, valid arguments are on/off, usable by anyone anywhere, halves physical damage and criticals produce exceptional subduing effects

-The Unliving
–Immunity to weather damage/effects
–Immunity to fatigue/exhaustion effects
–Harmed by healing magic
–Healed by negative energy
–Gains +1 HP from attacking living creature
–Cannot heal HP from being bandaged

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