Change Log 7.1.21

-Updated Celtic Druid page
-Updated Celtic Bard page
-Added Charlatan kit page
-Added Germanic Shaman kit page
-Updated Sicarii page

-New Kits & abilities
–Implemented Charlatan kit
–Implemented Germanic Shaman kit
–Added Sicarii invisibility

-Customization system
–Patched social standing options
–Patched ethnic selection so Priests cannot select Germanic Ethnicity
–Patched birthright options
–Patched religion options
–Patched non-weapon proficiencies
–Patched weapon proficiencies

-Critical Miss system
–Added Crippled effects, no confirmation roll
–Weapon fumble now only unequips the affected weapon

-Equip/proficiency system
–Patched equipment script so that Mining allows the use of the mining hammer, even if the character does not possess light hammer proficiency
–Patched equipment script so that Wood Gathering allows the use of the woodcutting axe, even if the character does not possess handaxe proficiency
–Patched equipment script so that Herbalism, Hunting allow use of hunting knife, even if the character does not possess dagger proficiency
–Celtic Druids now auto-unequip metal armors
–Removed debug messages for equipment/proficiency system

-Area things
–Updated Docks district
–Updated Amphitheater district
–Added “no horse” variable to certain indoor areas
–Added “hitching post” which estranged horses should wander to

–Patched on-entry scripts to apply correct feats and remove the examination widget (now a feat)
–Familiars & Astral Projections are dismissed upon unpossessing them
–Implemented spellhook and database functions [Top Secret]
–Added a new DM tool [Top Secret]
–Updated Examine action functionality, with benefits given to Celtic Druids, Thieves, and those with Observation proficiency
–Edit certain enemies for EXP granting, item dropping issues
–Patched on-level up scripts so that Germanic Pagans can no longer select the Priest class
–Cleaned up combat log, removing superfluous lines of information
–Made hit counter for Combat Fatigue system more unpredictable

-Hak file update:
–Retired improved critical feats
–Added Mithraism as standalone religion
–Retired weapon focus feats
–Updated class descriptions
–Changed Wizard class to Mage
–Updated Weapon descriptions and stat blocks
–Changed description of Craft Weapon & Craft Armor skills to say: Do not use
–Added Examine feat
–Paladins now receive ambidexterity feat for free

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